Automatic Laser Welder

Unleash the Power of Laser Precision!


Thanks to Automatic Laser Welder’s laser technology, precise joining of even small and intricate components is possible.


Laser welding allows for extremely precise and clean connections, which is incredibly important when dealing with delicate components.


Compared to other welding methods, laser welding can be faster and more efficient in terms of material usage.

Why You Should Own an Automatic Laser Welder

Innovation and Continuous Development

Automatic Laser Welder consistently introduces innovations and improvements in the field of laser welding, keeping you up to date with the latest technological achievements and letting you benefit from innovative solutions.

Tailored to Customer Needs

Automatic Laser Welder offers assistance in selecting the appropriate laser welder, tailored to the specific needs of the client. This ensures that you receive the optimal device for your operations.

Service and Rapid Response

Automatic Laser Welder guarantees professional service and a fast response to inquiries, facilitating efficient repair of potential breakdowns and minimizing production downtime.

Discover Revolutionary Solutions

Automatic Laser Welder – your key to success in the world of precision laser welding! Our innovative products guarantee efficiency, quality, and reliability, taking your business to new heights of excellence.

ALW Laser Fiber Pro 2000W

ALW - Fiber PRO 2000W


  • Automotive Industry: Production and assembly of body parts, exhaust systems, and engine components.
  • Machinery Construction: Welding of structural elements, spindles, or bodies of industrial machines.
  • Energy Industry: Joining components in wind turbines, generators, or transformers.
ALW Laser Fiber Pro 1500W

ALW - Fiber PRO 1500W


  • Railway industry: Welding of construction elements of wagons, rails, braking system components, and other train parts, where high precision and durability of connections are required.
  • Medical industry: Manufacturing surgical instruments, implants, and medical equipment.
  • Shipbuilding industry: Welding of construction elements for ships and drilling platforms.
ALW Laser Fiber Pro 1000W

ALW - Fiber PRO 1000W


  • Electronics industry: Soldering small components such as printed circuit boards, integrated circuit housings, and connectors.
  • Food industry: Welding machine and equipment components used in food processing, such as mills, sifters, and mixers, which require precise and hygienic connections.
  • Furniture industry: Joining metal elements used in furniture structures.

About Us

We can proudly showcase our rich experience in the welding industry, which we have been acquiring since 2013. Over the past years, we have successfully completed over 500 machine installations, demonstrating our professionalism, reliability, and commitment to providing high-quality solutions for our clients.

Our extensive expertise allows us to better understand the needs of various industrial sectors, resulting in the offering of laser welding machines perfectly tailored to the requirements of each project. By partnering with us, you can be assured that you are working with an experienced collaborator who delivers solutions that meet your needs and expectations.

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