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Warranty Service

The first step in cooperating with the client is to assist them in choosing a laser welder tailored to their needs. Among the diverse ALW offerings, we provide advice on the best solutions, considering the materials and the client’s intended use for the laser welder. During initial discussions, we support the process by conducting tests on material samples provided by the client, evaluating the results, and selecting the technology that best suits their individual requirements. If possible, we invite the client to our headquarters in Białystok, where we showcase the operation of laser welders while conducting material tests. After selecting the appropriate machine, our technician prepares the equipment for the specific recipient. On average, within two months from the order, the machine is ready for shipment.


We install and provide training

The next step is to schedule the installation of the laser welding machine with the help of specialized technicians from Automatic Laser Welder. The installation and initial setup of the purchased machine are carried out at the customer’s premises. We conduct installations worldwide, with frequent installations in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The price of the welders includes transportation within Europe directly to the customer’s location, and for overseas shipping, to the port nearest to the customer’s company. We also provide expert training, which typically lasts up to 3 days. The training covers software operation, machine handling, maintenance, and the functioning of the purchased equipment.

Warranty and Post-Warranty Service

Automatic Laser Welder machines are covered by a warranty, but even after that period, you can still count on our support. Our top priority is to respond promptly to the customer’s needs. In case of any requirement, we can be at the customer’s location within a few days in Europe, with all the necessary spare parts available directly from our warehouse. We also provide remote support through teleconferences, offering technical advice at pre-arranged convenient times.

We gladly share our extensive experience with machine usage and are dedicated to solving any issues, even in unconventional situations. Our team is committed to assisting you throughout the entire lifespan of your laser welding machine, ensuring its optimal performance and your continued success. You can rely on us as a reliable partner and trust in our expertise and responsiveness to meet all your needs.